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I'm Nathan, a fourth year undergraduate student at the University of Alberta, Canada. I've always had an eye towards building things that simplify the lives of those that use them, and software is no exception.

Recently, I've taken the deep dive into self-hosting, building up a small infrastructure of servers on my internal network. This has lead me to learn about all different aspects of software and hardware, combining my knowledge as a software dev and sysadmin. Through this I have learned so much, setting up networks with VPNs, virtual LANs, and firewalls; deploying and modifying open source software to serve my network; building programs to automate my workflows; and building software to host on my own network. I now host some of my own applications, most notably my Discord bot Steve, deployed to many Discord guilds and serving hundreds of people daily.

My projects are viewable on my Github page and my resume is viewable here. I'd love to get in touch!


I'm always looking for new opportunities! If you're seeking a diligent, inquisitive developer, I would love to get in touch.

Let's talk!